Monday, 30 November 2009


It's been a very few weeks round at Boxcat Junction.

I was lucky enough to get to Devoxx 2009 in Antwerp a couple of weeks ago - and was very impressed by the presentations and people I met there.

Particular props are due to Brian Goetz and Alex Buckley from Sun, James Strachan for his OSS ESB talk and Holly Cummins (superb performance talk), Zoe Slattery and Robin Fernandes from IBM.

This was followed last weekend by the London Java Community's first Unconference, graciously hosted by IBM at their Southbank location - organised by Barry Cranford and Zoe Slattery. The format went off really well, although I think next time I'd like to see more sessions using less traditional teaching methods (eg group discussions, fishbowl, etc). I hope to make my slides for my Performance talk available soon.

Next week sees me in St Petersburg, meeting with Russian colleagues, and then I'm attending (and speaking at) the SkillsMatter Open Source in Finance Exchange on December 15th.

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