Thursday, 7 October 2010

Book Update

I can't believe how busy it's been on the book front recently.

We have a new site live for it: and Martijn and I have recently been looking at some possible cover designs (will post as soon as they're finalized and we can share).

There's also been a slight title change - we're now working on "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" (with "Covers Java 7" as the subtitle). The reason for that is we want to emphasize that the book is about more than just the Java 7 syntax changes - we're talking about a lot of the other shifts in the Java landscape, about multi-language, and lots of other things.

The links to our first "Green Paper" and other new content should go live soon, and after that - Early Access. It's all quite exciting.

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Java Developer said...

Just stopped by to say hello from your post on java7developer. I found your javafx notes handy.